Collection: Califramed Photography

Patricia van Hanswijck de Jonge is a Dutch Manhattan Beach based artist who moved from Europe to Los Angeles with her husband and 3 young sons in 2016. Acclimated to a nomadic life, and a passion for the world's varying cultures and natural landscapes, her wanderlust had her deeply drawn to the beauty of the ever diverse American landscape. Her signature brand "Califramed Photography" was conceived as a vehicle to "press pause" and "draw attention to" the beauty within the natural world around us.

Patricia’s work breathes life into often forgotten scenes through her photographs, finding the beauty, and reawakening the viewer. She seeks to capture the ‘not so ordinary’ in the "ordinary" - "you can find beauty in everything, beyond that beauty there lies the ‘magic' - capture that!" For Patricia, capturing the "integrity" of a moment is key to her work.

Along with her ever popular "off the shelf" @califramed matted prints, Patricia works locally and internationally with private clients, providing custom images and interior specific art consultations.